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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Turquoise Moon by Ann Mayburn

Author: Ann Mayburn
Sub-Genre(s): Erotic, Interracial
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Publication Date: September 18, 2011
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Toni
Rating: 5 Cups

Werepuma and sheltered virgin Kara Vinsenz has no idea how to entice men, furry or otherwise. She contacts Madame Eve of the 1Night Stand matchmaking service in a desperate attempt to avoid a terrible arranged marriage to a psychopathic shifter. In a daring move that goes against her confined upbringing, she poses as her twin sister to escape her family compound in the hopes of meeting an Alpha and a Beta strong enough to be her mates. She waits to meet them until she goes into heat and is totally unprepared for the consequences of her actions.

Ben Harkil and Jude Carson are on the hunt for the perfect Alpha female to complete their Pride and when they meet Kara, they believe their prayers have been answered. What starts out as a 1Night Stand ends up being so much more when Kara realizes that her lies may have doomed from the start the only love that can save her and her Pride from a madman.

A while back I read Emerald Moon and I fell in love with Ben and Jude.  Their story was very touching.  I never imagined that Ms. Mayburn would continue their journey to find a female for their bond.  Thank goodness she did.
What I love about the 1 Night Stand series is that they are quick, hot and yet filling.  You go into reading them knowing they are short stories, but the way they are written they fill a need and fill it to overflowing.  I have yet to be left wanting with any of the stories.
Kara Vinsenz has a problem.  She is engaged to a psychotic man who has tormented her, her whole life.  She is coming upon her last chance to escape him and the only thing she can do is ask for help.  Her sister Tanisha once used the services of 1 Night Stand and found a wonderful mate.  She decides to take the chance and fills out the application.
Ben and Jude need a woman to complete them.  While they love each other they know that to be completely whole they need a female alpha to form their own pride.  So after having no luck on their own, they ask Madame Eve to help them find her.  She didn’t let them down the first time.
Even though Kara is in heat, their attraction is instant and both Kara and Ben know that this is right.  Before Jude can complete their mating things get ugly, but together they will try to get past it.
I enjoyed this story.  Even though the book takes place in one night, this story involved a bit more action with the addition of Kara’s fiancé.  Kara is fierce and I enjoyed the dominance play between her and Ben.  I can see they are going to have a great bond. 
Though the 1NS series are standalones, I think Ann’s submissions are enhanced being read them as a series in order.  They are called Prides of the Moon.  As with any short story, you have to go in knowing that is exactly what you are going to get, a short story.  I am looking forward to the next installment in Prides of the Moon, Onyx Moon.

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