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Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Trail of Lust (Hollis Boys 2)" by Em Petrova

Title: Trail Of Lust
Author: Em Petrova
Publisher: Loose ID LLC
Sub-Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 152 pages
Heat Rating: Erotic
Rating: 5 Cups

Available at:
Amazon | B&N | Loose ID LLC | All Romance eBooks

When Kathleen Allen sets eyes on the man she’s known since her youth, Graham Hollis, she learns what being a woman is all about. She can’t tear her gaze off the rugged and brooding cowboy. After she throws herself at him, he refuses to take her unless they’re married. A secret wedding wasn’t exactly what she’d expected, though every heated touch gives her exactly what she wanted--and more.

An ex-Cavalry officer in the war for the South, Graham still fights his demons daily. When Kathleen enters his life, he finds himself resurrecting memories of the wife he’s lost, as well as needs he’d thought long dead. However, an ex-spy is fresh out of prison and Graham is certain he’ll try to reap revenge by harming the woman he’s grown to love.

Together, Graham and Kathleen must face perils, posses, and passions as they fight to hold onto the one thing they need to truly live--each other.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable.

Molly's Review:
Em Petrova deserves amazing praises. I fell in love with her writing style when reading book 1, Outlaws Of Love. She knows how to blend a richly detailed historic plot line with real-to-life characters that will steal your heart. From start to finish, the reader is wholly invested and becomes a true part of the Texas land and family love.

Trail Of Lust is Graham Hollis' story. I first read about him, when he made appearances in his cousin Xander's story. Though he only was in that one briefly, I fell in love with the romantic-at-heart cowboy instantly. His soul was tortured from his past and I just wanted to wrap my arms around him! In this book, he's still the tortured heart.....and very much attracted to neighboring rancher's daughter, Kathleen Allen. But, he's been through too much at war; seen too much; suffered too much loss to be any kind of good for her. After loosing his first to a murderer, and another man now seeking revenge by hunting Graham, he can't risk loosing his heart to her....can he? After one night of soiling the maiden, can he prove that he's man enough and good enough to keep Kathleen safe this time...or will history once again repeat itself?

Kathleen Allen has crushed on Graham Hollis since she was a youngster. Now, she's a beautiful young woman who's desperate for the touch and love of a sexy cowboy. Not just any cowboy, though. One whose full of pain and secrets. Can she show Graham that he's perfect for her and she can love him through the torture of the past? Or will it be forever a trail of lust for them as husband and wife, living seperately?

I truly, truly loved every minute of this story. Nothing steals my heart faster than a troubled, hurting soul. Watching Graham push past his past and embrace what Kathleen had for him with passion, was incredible. Another amazing story goes to the top of my favorites list. Looking forward to the release of the third Hollis Boys novel, Wild Wild Hearts. Fantastic job, Ms. Petrova


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