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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Six Degrees Of Passion" by Savannah Chase

Title: Six Degrees Of Passion
Author: Savannah Chase
Publisher: self published
Sub-Genre: BDSM Romance
Length: 75 pages
Heat Rating: Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Available at:

Imagine a world full of boundless passion, where the intimate touch of a man or woman and the desperate cravings pent up inside, leave you breathless with anticipation. Passion and desire come in many forms, and some of the most powerful moments shared between consenting adults can include aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. When you love someone with all your heart and soul, will the passion you feel give you enough to submit total control? The journey into the lifestyle is uninhibited, complete with trust and understanding, and few of us ever experience these heightened levels of joy.

Join six talented writers as they bring you varying aspects of the BDSM lifestyle in sizzling pieces of flash fiction. These snippets are designed to draw you into the heat of passion-filled nights, with unbridled looks at highly erotic sessions. Included are Kiki Howell’s tales of the paranormal, where vampires and witches fight for the very souls of humanity and each other. Cassandre Dayne’s scorching stories of passion stretch the boundaries of our secret fantasies. Benjamin T. Russell’s captivates with intense glimpses into a Dom’s understanding of a submissive’s deepest needs. In addition, Savannah Chase has a sensual, soul wrenching and yet gripping way of sharing the powerful intimacy experienced between women. Abby Hayes gives you highly charged and quick-witted tales of kink between multiple partners that will keep you guessing to the end. Finally, DH Black, will leave you shuddering with her gritty and sometimes brutal aspects of showing the darker side of BDSM.

Each tale entertains while leaving the reader trembling for another installment. Indulge. Fantasize. Delve into the darker side of passion…

Meingee's Review:
This quick read gives us a nice look at each of these authors’ writings. Each author gives us a short and fast paced look at one of their worlds and there are so many different worlds to explore. There is something for everyone in this anthology from BDSM to vampires and all in between. I enjoyed meeting all the characters in this book and many of the stories had me wondering what more happens and had me seeking out more of their stories. This is a great way to introduce yourself to some wonderful authors and see if you enjoy their work. Some were familiar to me and others were new. Each author does a wonderful job of bringing the characters and their worlds vividly to life. Every story is full of emotion and love making this a hot read. I enjoyed my visit with these authors and will be sure to look for more books from them.


**Disclaimer: This book has been provided to Coffee Beans & Love Scenes (“CBLS”) Reviews free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review of this title. No money has been exchanged for this review. This review reflects the opinion of the individual reviewer and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any other CBLS reviewer or this blog’s owner, editor or administrator.

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Cecilia Robert said...

Great review. This books sounds deliciously sinful in a good way. :)