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Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Saint's Curse: Luke" by Lee Brazil

Title: Saint's Curse: Luke
Author: Lee Brazil
Publisher: Breathless Press
Sub-Genre: GLBT Romance
Length: 21,498 words
Heat Rating: Erotic
Rating: 4.5 Cups

Available at:
Breathless Press

Luke Leveraux hates seeing suspicion darken Jeremy St. James's eyes when he leaves for his monthly hunting trip, but some secrets just can't be shared.

On the surface artist Luke Leveraux has it all: money, a fantastic historical home, talent. When his boyfriend Jeremy moves in, his life should have been perfect. But Luke's hunting expeditions are a cover for something much darker, and he doesn't dare expose his lover to this unpredictable side of his life.

Art teacher Jeremy St. James has always known about his lover's hunting trips. He just expected that they would stop when he moved in with Luke. Or, at the very least, that he might be included in the monthly excursions.

Someone else knows Luke's secret, though. Someone determined to put an end to the situation.

Mvasquez's Review:
Saint's Curse by Lee Brazil is a thrilling erotic romance about a man with a deep dark secret that could cost him the man he loves.

It took Jeremy St. James three months of staring at Luke Leveraux from across the bar before he finally made a move. Now, months later he has moved in with Luke. They have fallen into a comfortable routine and for the most part Jeremy is blissfully happy. The only problem has to do with Luke's monthly hunting trips. Jeremy knew about these trips, which have been going on even before they met, but he assumed they would stop after they moved in together. At the very least Jeremy would expect to be invited to join Luke on one of his trips, but the trips continue and Jeremy is never invited. When his suspicions begin to consume him, Jeremy decides to surprise Luke at the cabin and find out the truth about these trips once and for all.

I very highly recommend this book and give it 4.5 stars! The writing is outstanding, with a captivating story and wonderful characters. When I picked up this book, I originally planned to just get started on it. I was going to read a couple of chapters and then finish later, but it didn't work out that way. As soon as I started, I was completely hooked and I read the entire book in one sitting.

This fast-paced story is refreshingly unique. There is a bit of a paranormal twist to the story, but it's a little different from the norm. For me it was a very pleasant surprise because it's not your typical paranormal story of this type. There's action, mystery, and a touch of suspense, as well as tender romance and sizzling hot passion. The heat level is pretty high, but the erotic aspects are complimentary to the story. I enjoy erotic romance, but I want a well-written story. The characters are so real and I loved both Jeremy and Luke, and I was rooting for them. It's a fairly short story, but it took me on a crazy emotional roller coaster ride. I truly loved this story from start to finish and I find myself hoping that perhaps it might be the start of a series.


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