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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Indecent Proposition by Celeste Anwar

Title: Indecent Proposition
Author: Celeste Anwar
Sub-Genre(s): Erotic, Contemporary, Paranormal
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Publication Date: October 31, 2010
ISBN #: B005E0EGL0
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Captured Spirit
Rating: 4 Cups

As dull as it was Alana’s life was peaceful, and she liked it that way. At least it was peaceful until the delivery of the little packet that contained a nude picture of her, taken years ago by the one man she could never forget—the man whose life she’d ruined.

I have to say I really enjoyed Indecent Proposition. The story doesn’t have the typical gorgeous, irresistible heroine. And the hero, or anti-hero if you will, is a man who has just gotten out of prison. And I will also say the blurb for the book is what at first drew me in to read it.

Alana receives a mysterious package containing an old Polaroid from when she was much younger. A Polaroid picture of her naked, in fact. She is afraid whoever sent the picture will use more of them to blackmail her. At first, she thinks this will be for money, but then she finds out who is truly behind everything. Enter Rafe, a man she fell in love with in high school. A man who made her feel special. A man her father had sent to prison for statutory rape against her.
Rafe offers to exchange pictures at different times for Alana’s complete submission to him. She agrees as long as there is “no penetration”. Through out the meetings they have, the author does a great job of showing Alana’s lack of self esteem and how guilty she feels for not standing up for Rafe when her father had sent him to prison. As their meetings go on, we find out the love between them had never really faded. But can they get together again with all the bad blood that had happened in the past?

A very good original story that kept me interested right up until the end. I ended up rooting for Rafe through their meetings and was happy when I finally got to the end and found out how everything ended. This was a well written, original story, and I high recommend it for any and all erotic readers!

Available at:
Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Barnes & Noble (Nook book)


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