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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Novel Affair, by Autumn Rosen

Title: My Novel Affair
Author: Autumn Rosen
Sub-Genre(s): Comedy, Contemporary
Publisher: A.R.B.
Publication Date: June 19, 2011
ISBN #: 9781463556532
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Sharon
Rating: 4 Cups

I ask three questions when looking over a romance novel. Are there sharks? Is there revenge done deviously by a dwarf? And finally, is there ice cream to mix with all of that love?

If you have ever asked these questions without the proper responses, I promise, at long last you have found it.

"Sometimes what you need to fulfill your life can come from your own imagination, and maybe that can be just enough to make reality okay." This is the motto bestselling author Sinnie Ellis has always lived by anyway.

If it didn't have to be real, wouldn't you feel better if a shark bit the head off of your uncaring, self-absorbed spouse when he was being insensitive, or maybe a dwarf packing a bazooka blew up his car? In her imagination Sinnie has such options, but what about improving her life? She decides why not take things up a notch and see what happens when pen hits paper.

Tired and jealous of her main character's perfect life of adventure and over-the-top orgasms, she lack in her own life; Sinnie decides to write her own perfect romance into the pages of a new novel complete with a designer man and a bustier version of herself. Being a great author, she challenges these two fictional people to find each other and fall in love.

When a book tour later leads Sinnie to a small New York bookstore where the owner has the same name and looks as the man from her tale, she will have to decide if things are best left to ink and paper.

Sinara Ellis has written a clever book within a book starring a character with her name. The two plots work well with each other and move the story along. I loved Sinara, the main character, and her active imagination. The many ways she fantasizes disposing of people who bug her, mostly her boring husband, cracked me up. Her writing career has stalled and she has a book due. Struggling with writing about a character that has lost its allure seems to me to be a realistic problem for a writer. Poor Sinara, her life is a mess on all levels. I liked the fact that she decided to do something to pull herself out of the doldrums and make a change in her life.

A hysterical retelling of a typical clich├ęd romance featuring Bare Chested Stoneloins and Lusty, the virgin he loves, gives way to her writing a nice contemporary romance. This romance has all of the elements that are missing in Sinara's marriage. The disparaging by her husband about her writing a romance novel mirrors the way many people feel about romance as literature. His lack of support is offset by her friends, who keep giving her a push when she needs it.

Alexis, Sinara's alter ego in her romance novel, has the courage to go for what she wants in life even though the outcome might not be the desired one. The lesson Sinara learns from Alexis is that you have to make things happen for yourself. The ending of the book has a nice little twist that puts the finishing touch on an enjoyable story. This was a fun book to read and one that when finished I wished had gone a little longer.

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*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads.

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