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Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Cards, by Cynthia Selwyn

Title: In the Cards
Author: Cynthia Selwyn
Sub-Genre(s): BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic
Publisher: Breathless Press
Publication Date: May 5, 2011
ISBN #: 9781926930411
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Laurielu
Rating: 3 Cups

One desperate writer, one hot cowboy, silk scarves, and sexy scenarios; it's all In the Cards.

Alexandrea Taylor writes historical fiction, not erotica. She can't even think the word…um…p-e-n-i-s. But she wishes she could. When her editor wants her to write a story about a cowboy and a bordello using a pack of sex-aid cards, she fantasizes about buying her dream home. Except she's sure she's too boring in bed to imagine erotic scenarios. She can't even keep her fiancĂ© satisfied—she caught him in their bed with another woman. If it wasn't for her friend Zach, she doubts she'd feel attractive at all.

Zach O'Connor would do anything for his friend, Alex. She's the only woman he's ever met who doesn't treat him like a piece of meat. And now that they're sharing a hotel room at a conference, it's his opportunity to show her what she means to him. When she asks for his help with a sexy role-playing assignment, he knows this is his chance to show Alex she's not only the woman of his fantasies, but the woman of his heart as well.

With some silk scarves, massage oil and imagination, it's all in the cards.

In the Cards by Cynthia Selwyn is a charming erotic tale. Alexandrea Taylor is attending a romance author’s convention and has been asked by her editor to write a historical erotic novel. This endeavor should be easy enough for Alex to accomplish, but she has a hard enough time writing the “p”-word that describes a man’s bits and pieces. How is she supposed to write lurid sex scenes? Another concern that puts a damper on her creativity is the fact that she caught her live-in boyfriend (Ted) bopping his secretary in their bed.

No matter how inadequate Alex feels about her ability to write this historical erotic tale, she must go through with it because she has accepted the advance on the book. Plus, the proceeds from this venture will subsidize purchasing her dream home. Thank goodness Alex has her best friend, Zach, to rely upon when she needs him the most (literally and figuratively). He has been the one constant throughout most of her life.

Zach is sharing Alex’s hotel room for the duration of the convention. He is teaching one of the seminars on horses so the authors can write their western romances with more realism since they will have the opportunity to observe the intricacies of horsemanship. Alex’s editor and friend has supplied Alex with all the imaginative contrivances one would need for an erotic adventure and research. Thank goodness Zach is there to help her.

As the story unfolds, the reader comes to understand the depth of feeling and respect Alex and Zach have for each other. And even though they may have been “forced” into a compromising situation, their true feelings for each other are realized. Because of the intensity of feeling they share, the love scenes in the story are imbued with physicality and heartfelt emotion. Cynthia Selwyn has crafted a fetching short erotic romance.

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*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads.

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