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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Wicked Encounter, by Sammy Jo Hunt

Title: A Wicked Encounter
Author: Sammy Jo Hunt
Sub-Genre(s): M/M, Historical
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publication Date: April 2, 2011
ISBN #: 9781920484378
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Dawne
Rating: 5 Cups

Christopher Allwyne, Duke of Bellwood, stood to inherit a vast fortune. Still reeling from the loss of his parents and most recently, his Aunt Polly, the Duchess of Bellwood, the young noble found himself traveling in the dark of night to oversee Her Grace's funeral proceedings and to attend the reading of his aunt's will. Along the way, his carriage suffers a devastating accident, and a dark stranger comes to his aid and rescue. The Marquis Evan de Lombard, rich French nobleman, takes an instant interest in the handsome Christopher. Sharing a wicked encounter shortly after meeting, things look promising as love blooms between them. That is, until the Marquis reveals his true identity and purpose.

Once Christopher knows the truth, will he ever be able to forgive Evan and love him, despite the man's indiscretions? Torn apart by dishonesty, can love win out over betrayal and rise to the occasion, reuniting them for a lifetime of happiness? The cost for true love could be a price neither one is willing to pay.

Duke of Bellwood, Christopher Allwyne, will be a rich man soon. On his way to a funeral for his aunt, the Duchess of Bellwood, he encounter a mysterious stranger, the rich Marquis Evan de Lombard. During the travel, the men encounter a very seductive moment, leaving Allwyne bracing for love. The attraction between the men is obvious but it isn't until de Lombard reveals his true reasons for friending Allwyne that trouble ensues.

Hunt weaves a beautiful storyline with A Wicked Encounter. The dialogue, character connection and her writing style are perfectly crafted. Hunt draws in the reader with this M/M love story to a point that I couldn't stop reading once I started. The delectable characters made me want more and Hunt gave more. I recommend A Wicked Encounter and can honestly say, Hunt is a writer to watch in the future. Her refreshing style is a much needed voice in the M/M genre.


*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads.

**Disclaimer: This book has been provided to C&R Romance eBook Reviews free of charge by the author. No money has been exchanged for the review of this eBook. This review reflects the opinion of the individual reviewer and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the other C&R reviewers or this blog’s administrator/editor.


SJ said...

Aww, this was so amazing... thank you Dawne! What a marvelous review. I'm truly grateful, and so pleased you enjoyed the book.

I thank you for giving it a chance and a fair review.

Best & hugs,

Tara Lain said...

Great review and sounds like a fantastic book. Going on my list!
: ) Tara

JP said...

Uh huh! Getting my copy now - congrats on the super review! JP

SJ said...

Tara and JP:

Thank you both so much! I truly hope you both enjoy the book.

Thanks for stopping in!