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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Reluctant Bride, by Fiona McGier

Title: The Reluctant Bride
Author: Fiona McGier
Sub-Genre(s): Contemporary, Erotic
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Publication Date: April 2011
ISBN #: 9781603139649
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Susan
Rating: 5 Cups

Veterinarian Pamela Wilson frequently ran away from home to get attention from her status-conscious, preoccupied parents. Years ago she’d met a man who loved her unreservedly, but her parents didn’t approve of his blue-collar mechanic job, so she’d run away from him, too. When the ambitious lawyer she’s marrying answers a phone call while she’s walking down the aisle, it’s the last straw! She runs away again, this time to a cabin her parents don’t know about, owned by the mechanic.

Will he let her into his life again? Will she finally stop running away and make the right decision for her future?

If you have doubts about getting married, then you really shouldn’t do it! Pamela had her doubts but didn’t act upon them until she walked down the aisle and her fiancĂ© not only had his cell phone on, but actually took a phone call while she was walking towards him to be his wife! Pamela was a wonderful character who had to battle internal demons in order to be true to herself and her happiness.

If you are a true romantic, then this book is for you. It will leave you cheering for Pamela as she sets her mind on finding happiness and once she comes to grips with what she needs, she is determined to go after it. She walked away from true love once before, will she make the same mistake twice?

The only character in this book I couldn’t truly believe was the mom and her actions, or maybe it was the characters’ reactions to her. You will end up cheering for Pamela while cursing at her mother. An amazing love story that is very well written.

Available at:
Fictionwise | Whiskey Creek Press


*Blurb Courtesy of Whiskey Creek Press

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Sarah J. McNeal said...

Congratulations on that outstanding review, Fiona. I know that The Reluctant Bride is going to be a wonderful story.

Brenda Hyde said...

I can't wait to read this story. Thanks for the great review:)