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Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Her Marine (1Night Stand series)" by Heather Long

Title: Her Marine (1Night Stand series)
Author: Heather Long
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 44 pages
Heat Rating: Erotic
Rating: 4.5 Cups

Available at:
Amazon | B&N | Decadent Publishing | All Romance eBooks

Shannon Fabray is a sculpture artist and her love of the pure masculine body is demonstrated in every work of aesthetic art she creates. But her passion for the body doesn't extend into her personal life after a hellish experience in college left her with nowhere to turn but her work. After several criticisms about the lack of passion in her sculptures, Shannon is determined to face her fears and take desire by the balls. A one-night stand should do the trick.

2nd Lt. Brody Essex is an active duty Marine with one goal: come home, get rested, go back. Brody isn’t interested in a date arranged through Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service like the rest of his friends from the Corps have had, but he doesn’t hesitate to fill in for a Brother who can’t go on his own.

The last thing either Shannon or Brody expect is a wondrous, soul deep connection, but is the spark of lust enough to bring the two loners in from the cold?

Molly's Review:
Heather Long is back and as good as ever with her 1NS series, Always A Marine. This series is a wonderful one filled with amazing characters that make returns, if even for a small part, in each installment. It leaves the reader happy to see them again, along with each new story.

In Her Marine, Ms. Long takes us back to Mike's Place, and introduces us to Brody Essex. He's an active duty Marine set home to recuperate. Trouble is, he wants to go back and face the war front again. It's where he's the happiest. And he certainly isn't up for a 1Night Stand through Madame Eve's service. But, as with the previous Brothers-In-Arms, he knows he must. So, he agrees. What he finds, though, is definitely not what he expected!

Shannon Fabray is a sculptist with a lace of passion. With a past experience gone sour, she's thrown herself into her work but it's not what it could be. Sure, it's good, but it's lacking something. Shannon embraces her fear and signs up for Madame Eve's services. But, what she finds, is totally unexpected. She's found her Marine.....and one night will never be enough.

Again, this is a wonderful short story perfect for any lunch time read, or that just-before-bedtime story. It's filled with hot, sexy passion, two characters that fill your heart and plot line that comes to life. My one complaint? I want another Always A Marine story now! This is one series that could go on and on, and I'd never tire of it. Fantastic job, once again, Ms. Long!


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