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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letters to the Baumgartners by Selena Kitt

Title: Letters to the Baumgartners
Author: Selena Kitt
Sub-Genre(s): Erotic, BDSM
Publisher: eXcessica
Publication Date: December 5, 2011
ISBN #: 978-1468027099
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Sam
Rating: 4.5 Cups

Danielle Stuart is spending a year abroad studying in Venice, but while she loves the romance of the language and the beauty of country, she finds herself more and more confused by her growing feelings for a gondolier named Nico and her now ex-husband, Mason, who has shown up on her doorstep looking to reconcile. Desperate Dani writes to the Baumgartners in hopes her former lovers might help her clarify her muddled emotions. Finding herself torn between the two men, she reveals her dizzying dilemma, only to discover, thanks to the Baumgartner’s insight and her own sense of sexual discovery, that she may not have to choose after all.

Letters to the Baumgartners is an emotional and heart felt erotic romance story. The story is told through Danielle Stuart and you instantly get the view she has been hit by loss. She’s young but mature for her years and has also been married. You see her struggle as she starts to fall for Nico the man she meets while studying abroad. 
I found as soon as Mason, the ex-husband the more emotional aspect of the story started playing out. You feel through Danielle and her need to fight to protect her heart and herself. 
Selena Kitt does write strong erotic content but within this story it only enhances the story with the three main leads. Overall, this is a well written, highly erotic romance that I enjoyed reading. 

Available at:
Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Barnes & Noble (Nook book)


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