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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dirk's Love (Roxie's Protectors) by Marisa Chenery

Title: Dirk's Love (Roxie's Protectors)
Author: Marisa Chenery
Sub-Genre(s): Paranormal, Werewolves, Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing
Publication Date: December 30, 2011
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: tsteinerid
Rating: 4 Cups

Dirk has worked tirelessly on creating an online dating service to help male werewolves find their mortal mates. Having hired a mortal female to assist him, when he meets her face-to-face for the very first time, Dirk is smitten by her beauty and finds himself breathless as he realizes the very thing he’s spent a lifetime looking for is finally within his reach…setting his mating urge off in an instant.

Ryann, completely absorbed with raising her precious son for the last two years, has been without a man in her life for far too long. But when she sees Dirk in person for the very first time, and he reawakens the sexual cravings of her neglected body, Ryann hungers not only for his touch, but also yearns for the day her new boss will think of her as more than just his employee.

At nine hundred and fifty years old Dirk is ready for love.  He has been watching his fellow protectors find their mates and he is taking his future into his own hands.  He has developed a computer program to find the perfect mate.  He decides to start an online dating service to help others like him trying to find the perfect match, their mate.  He never expected her to be right under his nose the whole time.
Dirk’s Love falls right in line with the rest of this series, Roxy’s Protectors.  They are quick, heated and just plain fun.  He is the last of the protectors to find love and just might be the most ready.  From the moment Dirk and Ryann meet, there is sizzling chemistry.  That is the way it is with this take on werewolf lore; the mating urge is unbelievably strong and instant.
Attraction on the human side is confusing but just as hot.  Ryann has no clue why she is so attracted to this man, but her body and mind tell her to run to him not walk.
Dirk’s Love is a very quick read.  I would recommend that you enjoy this series right from the very beginning, even before the first Roxie’s Protectors book.  Start with Beowulf and Roxie; book one inWulf’s Den series.  These two series complement each other wonderfully and should be enjoyed in order from start to finish.  All the stories are short, but very enjoyable.  They are all connected and Ms. Chenery has built an exciting universe centered loosely on the foretold one; the one person who rules over all the werewolf packs.
I honestly don’t know if this is the last of the series in Roxie’s Protectors, being Dirk is the last of the official protectors to find their mate.  I can see the possibility of at least one more “kinda” member left to find love.  The story of Roxie is in no way over, so we might be enjoying another arc in the storyline.  Either way I’ll be right there waiting.  I have enjoyed this book and the entire series.  I hope you will too.

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