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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Cabin by Jonanthan Welford

Title: The Cabin
Author: Jonathan Welford
Sub-Genre(s): Contemporary, Gay, Paranormal, Suspense
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publication Date: November 1, 2011
ISBN #: B0062K1WMC
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Dawne
Rating: 4 Cups

Hank and Bill are looking to buy their first home together, a weekend cabin in the mountains. They enlist the help of their realtor, Mitch, but they're in for a surprise in what he shows them.

Mitch looks at this couple with interest and relives fond moments of his own relationship. It is only when he thinks that they are the appropriate people does he show them their perfect cabin, but it's not all it seems.

This is the first novella I have read of upcoming author Jonathan Welford and definitely NOT the last. Welford weaves a fabulous sweet love story between the two men, Hank and Bill, in The Cabin, although I wish more background into the men's lives was offered. The reader is welcomed into supporting character Mitch's life at a perfect pace and allowed the comfort of getting to know him. Very well crafted in my opinion.

The mystery of Mitch is never explained but leaving the reader's imagination to wonder a few questions, which I love. While no antagonist is visible, I don't believe one was necessary. The flippant secretary, Martha was an arrant touch to the ending of the story.

Welford is an author to watch in the near future and I applaud the sweet and sensual M/M connection in The Cabin. So many times a good read and romance is over-flooded with too much sex and Welford's beautifully crafted tale had just the precise amount of sexual affection to please the palate.

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