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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nature of the Beast by AmyLea Lyn

Title: Nature of the Beast
Author: Amylea Lyn
Sub-Genre(s): Fantasy, Gay, Science Fiction, Shape-Shifter
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publication Date: August 29
ISBN #: 9781920484910
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Nikki
Rating: 5 Cups


Raine O'Kelly has a gift. The very power of nature is his to command. When his gift lands him in trouble with the government, Raine find himself thrown into The Prison; one of the most feared punishment for those citizens who wont conform to The City's ideals.

Abused, scared, and slowly dying of deprivation from the one thing his body truly needs, an accident lands him in the infirmary, which leads him to be given to The Prison’s most feared inmate… The Beast.

When The Beast defends him from the guards, Raine finds himself inexplicably drawn to the misunderstood man. A man with unique abilities of his own, the Beast’s animalistic desires forms a connection between them that cannot be denied. When he learns The Beast comes from Outside the City, is Raine willing to take the chance on escape with the mysterious man?

Escape wont be easy, and there are dangers waiting for them on The Outside, ready to strike at the fragile relationship between the two men. When The Beast’s past come’s to light, will Raine be able to put aside his own fears in order to fight for the life the two of them could have together? Or will he fold under the pressure?

Will he get his happily ever after?

Or will he become just another victim of the Nature of the Beast.

Raine and Ash are two people who were accidentally thrown together but are actually perfect for one another. They’ve both suffered because they’re different and have both been deprived love and affection for a long time. Ash needs someone to “soothe” the Beast and Raine filled that position quite well. The relationship between the two men felt natural and made sense in spite of how they met. Ash is definitely one hot alpha male who was so tender and loving with his mate, you couldn’t help but to be envious of Raine.

I found Nature of the Beast by Amylea Lyn to be well written with characters you can’t help but to love. Ms. Lyn’s thorough and vivid description of the City and the Outside made you feel as if you had actually been transported there especially when Raine’s gift is used. It wasn’t hard to see the bleakness and drabness of the City or the smell the rich aromas floating in the air and see the lush and colorful landscape known as the outside. I’m very interested in how much more of this world will be shown to us in future books.

Nature of the Beast is the first book in the Outside the City series and I’m definitely looking forward to reading future releases in this series. I loved, loved, loved it! If you’re looking for a paranormal story chocked full of romance and action Nature of the Beast is a definite must read.

Available at:
Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Barnes & Noble (Nook book)


*Blurb Courtesy of Silver Publishing

**Disclaimer: This book has been provided to Coffee Beans and Love Scenes Reviews free of charge by the author. No money has been exchanged for the review of this eBook. This review reflects the opinion of the individual reviewer and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the other C&R reviewers or this blog’s administrator/editor.

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Anonymous said...

I was pondering to read this book, but after your review I definitely will! Thanks!