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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Love by Design (Reyes Romance, Book 3), by Fiona McGier

Title: Love by Design (Reyes Romance, Book 3)
Author: Fiona McGier
Sub-Genre(s): Contemporary
Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc.
Publication Date: February 1, 2010
ISBN #: 9781597050661
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Toni
Rating: 4 Cups

Can you do all of that for me, Rosa?

His voice was lower and more persuasive now.

Can you make my house into a home for me, Rosa? Make all of my dreams come true?

She felt her pulse race, and licked her lips unconsciously.

Thats why Im here, Greg. To bring your dreams to life.

Suddenly aware that he was leaning forward without intending to, as if his body was going to make him kiss her whether he planned to or not, Gregor froze, then cleared his throat as he sat back in his chair.

Once a Reyes man finds their intended wife they just know it and their love lasts forever. Now we know that the same can be said about the Reyes women too.

Seven years ago, Rosa Reyes broke up with her long time fiancĂ©. She never forgot him and definitely never stopped loving him. Now she must work closely with him while renovating his new home. This job is a chance to possibly get national recognition for her work as an interior designer. She can’t pass up the opportunity, but working day in and day out with her ex will be very difficult, especially when all she can think about is how much she still wants him.

Gregor Lubovich is a Russian immigrant, transplanted into a country that he never wanted to come to. After a rocky start in the U.S., he worked harder to prove himself; becoming ambitious and very driven to succeed in the cut throat world of sales and in his personal life. At thirty-five, he is top in his field, but alone after a failed marriage. Never forgetting his only love, he is now determined to make her remember what they had and to bring her back into his life.

Rosa and Gregor’s journey back to love is sweet and enduring. It’s a testament of their strength that they were able to work together and complete the job before falling into each other’s arms. I also enjoyed the show of family support. They really proved that they back one another through good times and bad. The family also showed they were able to forgive and move on.

Love by Design was a fun engaging read. I rather enjoyed the way Ms. McGier incorporated the past with the present. Her use of flashbacks was not annoying and cumbersome. They conveyed all the necessary information that I needed to thoroughly understand the characters and how their relationship progressed and eventually failed. The editing was solid and the continuity was spot on. The story was well written and flowed quite nicely. Ms. McGier entices you to continue her series with excellent character interaction and development. I am looking forward to continuing the series just see who next falls in love and how.

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*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads.

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1 comment:

Fiona McGier said...

WOw! Toni, you make me blush! Seriously, I miss my Reyes peeps...I have another book in the series about half-done. I think I need to re-visit their world again soon! And thanks so much!