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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Her Heart's Desire (Highcroft Saga #1), by Lauren Wilder

Title: Her Heart's Desire (Highcroft Saga 1)
Author: Lauren Wilder
Sub-Genre(s): Contemporary, Erotic, Suspense
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publication Date: July 19, 2010
ISBN #: 9781610343992
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Babs
Rating: 5 Cups

When Marisa applies for a PA job to an English aristocrat, she expects a stuffy, older gentleman, but James St John is anything but. He is an extremely good-looking thirtysomething English charmer. Sparks fly, and the attraction is intense.

Marisa, recently heartbroken, fights her desire, cautious about becoming involved with her boss. But James St John is unable to resist the sexual allure between them, and he will not rest until she is in his bed. Marisa soon discovers that the Highcroft house hides a hotbed of sin and dark longings. Will its secrets destroy her happiness when love starts to bloom?

Marisa’s day is going great and she is all excited to see her boyfriend Mike as it is his birthday. Little does she know she is about to have a bad day. She walks in on her best friend and Mike in bed together. Marisa goes back to her sisters place and stays there to try and mend her broken heart.

Marisa’s sisters comes home one afternoon with a newspaper article about a new PA job that has opened. Marisa applies and feels good about it. She starts getting her life together and moves on. Marisa is called for an interview and is shocked by what she sees. The English man is not old and stuffy like she thought. He is in fact in his mid thirties and very handsome.

Marisa takes the job and moves to England, but she really likes her boss James St John can she work with him and keep her feelings in check?

I adored this story. The writing style was so well you actually thought you were in England with Marisa. When she is walking in the gardens on the estate you can picture the roses and maze she was walking through. The characters in the story were great I took a liking to the villain of the story as the character was really conniving. There are some heated scenes that will make you pretty hot, but add to the story well. This is one book I can re-read again.

Available at:
Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Barnes & Noble (Nook Book)


*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads.

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