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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awaken the Highland Warrior (Connor Clan #1), by Anita Clenney

Title: Awaken the Highland Warrior (Connor Clan #1)
Author: Anita Clenney
Sub-Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal, Scottish/Highlander, Suspense
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Publication Date: May 1, 2011
ISBN #: Unknown
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Vanessa
Rating: 5 Cups

A man from another time...

Faelan is from an ancient clan of Scottish Highland warriors, charged with shielding humanity from demonic forces. Betrayed and locked in a time vault, he has been sleeping for nearly two centuries when spunky historian Bree Kirkland inadvertently wakes him. She's more fearsome than the demon trying to kill him, and if he's not careful, she'll uncover the secrets his clan has bled and died to protect.

Could be the treasure she's been seeking all her life...

When Bree inherits an old treasure map, she discovers a warrior buried in her backyard. But the warrior isn't dead. Bree shocks Faelan with her modern dress and her boldness, and he infuriates Bree every time he tries to protect her.

With demons suddenly on the move, Bree discovers that Faelan's duty as protector is in his blood, and that her part in this fight was destined before she was born. But nothing is ever what it seems.

Oh where do I begin? I can absolutely NOT pass up the chance to read a Highland book. There is something about these large, sweet, tough, and somewhat naïve men that I just can not get enough of! This book was no exception.

Bree is my hero! She is exactly what I love to see in a book. Strong, capable, modern, and independent. Definitely not your average damsel in distress. When she begins digging in her backyard, she thinks she has hit the jackpot in the form of a long, lost treasure…boy did she ever! Who would have thunk that there would have been a Highland Warrior buried in her yard? I would have dug him up sooner.

Faelan is hell-bent on catching the demon that captured him 150 years ago, but also realizes that the woman that saved him from his crypt is the one. He needs her but she is not from his time and he really has no idea what to do with her, especially since she is not the “follow whatever the man says” kind of girl. So…road trip!! Off they go to slay the demon. I love it!!

I loved every second I spent reading this book and was actually sad to see it end. It had all that you could ever want…great characters, hot male roles, Scottish accents, action, adventure, and enough attraction to make you need a cool shower. There is nothing sexier than a Scottish clan trying to kill the evil…except one that will lay his life down for the fiery love of his life. Sigh.

Debut novels are always hard but Anita blew this one out of the water!! I can not wait until the next in the series comes out. I want to find out more about this world and the clan involved in it. This is definitely a series to watch out for.


*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads

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ChrisS said...

Great review! I just love Highlanders and your excitement is contagious. This is one I will definitely have to look into. Thanks.

Avery Flynn said...

I loved this book. A well deserved five cups!

Iris said...

Completely agree with this review ^^ It was an amazing book and look forward to the next one, coming out November 1st!