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Monday, May 2, 2011

Demonic Pandemonium (Cornwall Coven, Book 3), by Kayden McLeod

Title: Demonic Pandemonium (Cornwall Coven, Book 3)
Author: Kayden McLeod
Sub-Genre(s): Erotic, Paranormal
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publication Date: January 28, 2011
ISBN #: 9781920468880
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Karen
Rating: 5 Cups

Pandora is a half-demon, alone in the world and good as abandoned, with a mother who barely tolerates her and a father who is unable to be with her nearly often enough for her tastes. She keeps to herself and tries not to associate with others often, lest they discover her secret--until she meets Keviar Cornwall. The two collide in ignorance of one another, but the sexual attraction is indisputable and cannot be ignored, growing more profound with every passing moment. It blinds them to the lurking danger hiding just around the corner, out to end both their lives and everyone either of them have ever known or loved.

Demonic Pandemonium was an exciting story from beginning to end! We meet Pandora, a half-human/half –demon woman living in Vancouver. She works as a horror writer and hides who she is from the rest of the world. She grew up a lonely child, ignored by her human mother and with infrequent but loving visits from her demon father. Pandora keeps people way because she doesn’t want them to discover who or what she is. She has accepted her existence but is longing for more. The story opens with her angry because her agent has stolen her latest manuscript and has marketed it as his own.

An unfortunate accident at a coffee shop leads to a chance encounter with vampire Kevlar Brandenburg. Tall, dark and handsome, he is instantly attracted to Pandora and her to him. Having grown up with his own issues in the past, Kev is determined to be a better person. Pandora finds him a little (ok, a lot) mysterious but can’t seem to tear herself away from him. An impromptu date eventually turns into a fate-changing encounter.

This book had everything: drama, mystery, romance and of course, smoking hot sex! The chemistry between them was great and really permeated the story. The connection between them quickly becomes more than sex but even as they fall deeper in love, the chemistry is never lost.

When Kev and Pandora have to team up with the Cornwall Coven in order to save the human race and the world, we find out how bad-ass Pandora really can be. There are so many twists and turns in this story to keep the reader engaged. We learn more about the circumstances of Pandora’s birth (based on the Greek myth of Pandora) and we also learn about Kev’s background. Several shockers along the way keep you reading until the very end.

I totally enjoyed this and would highly recommend it!


*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads

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