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Monday, April 18, 2011

Table for Three (Prequel to Catch Her When She Falls), by Missy Martine

Title: Table for Three (Prequel to Catch Her When She Falls)
Author: Missy Martine
Sub-Genre(s): Contemporary, Erotic, M/F/M, May-December
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publication Date: April 20, 2010
ISBN #: 1606015486
Format: eBook from Author
Reviewer: Dawne
Rating: 5 Cups

Cass Abernathy is forty-three and she's getting a second chance at life, and maybe even love. She's finally divorced, after years of abuse, when she learns an unknown uncle in Oregon has left her his estate, and more importantly, his house. Filled with hope for her future and excited to have a place of her own, Cass heads west not knowing what she'll find.

What she finds are hot and sexy twin brothers intent on making her a part of their lives. It's too bad they're so much younger because they bring out feelings she's never had before.

Meanwhile, there's someone else interested in Cass' inheritance, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he wins.

Will Cass overcome her fears and open her heart to the two men who love her, and will she discover the truth about her inheritance before it's too late?

Cass Abernathy is heading into middle age, divorced recently from an abusive spouse and she has no self-esteem. She feels unattractive, has the normal negative appearance view of herself and is not looking for love when she moves to a small town after inheriting a ramshackle of a house from an uncle she never knew about. Tossed between foster homes throughout her life, all Cass ever wanted was a place to call home.

Twins brothers Matt and David Carlisle have a special connection and both feel an effect from Cass. She is the woman they share. She is the woman they've been waiting for. But Cass seems quite skittish, withdrawn and not interested.

Her uncle's attorney, Oliver, is making Cass leery and she tries to pull away from him as the story evolves. His presence, constant attention and words to detour her from the brothers really bothers Cass.

Cass is very interested because the brothers bring out a person she never knew she was or could be. The brothers court her. Cass' past fears cause the brothers to work a little harder than they had hoped to win her love and heart. Cass' inheritance bring to light a nice scandalous and riveting storyline problem. This little dilemma adds quite a snafu to the storyline. Martine adds the perfect amount of suspense and perplexity to the plot when she wrote these scenes.

The novel is erotic and Martine fulfills the definition with an abundance of menage scenes with Cass and the twins as well as personal time with each brother. The scenes were beautifully written, very descriptive and left little to the imagination. Martine's writing style is superb and she makes the characters likable so you're rooting for their love.

I highly recommend this book. Martine has definitely won over a new fan with me. Her dialogue made me feel compassion for Cass, at a few points I was almost yelling at Cass to watch out for Oliver and I was seconds from breaking into a sexual sweat with the scenes she created with Cass, Matt and David. I won't spoil the ending, just be forewarned, you will fall in love with this story.

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*Blurb Courtesy of Goodreads.

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